Celadon can provide clients with unique product requirements full industrial, mechanical and electronic design services for the development of a custom plastic injection molded enclosure (tooling) and a custom printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) for remote control, receiver or other related applications.

Celadon will work closely with the client to define the size, shape and appearance of the enclosure and provide 3D renderings for concept design and review. If necessary, prototypes can be provided (3D printing, SLA, etc.) for evaluation. Once the overall design of the enclosure is approved, the mechanical design will be prepared to detail all of the internal and external features of the enclosure, as well as the design for the keypad, whether plastic, rubber or membrane. After the mechanical design is reviewed and approved, the tooling will be fabricated and samples will be prepared for the customer to approve for mass production.

Custom PCB design involves working closely with the customer to define the functional requirements of the product, developing the circuit schematic and Bill of Materials (BOM) and using best practices to layout the PCB within the confines of the space available within the custom enclosure. The boards will be programmed, based on the customer approved specifications, and the samples would be thoroughly tested before sending to the customer for final approval for mass production.

Examples of applications for custom tooling and PCB development include Handheld Electronics, IoT Devices, Industrial Controllers, Healthcare Products, Educational Products and more.

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