Celadon was established in 1990 in order to support the CORE (Controller Of Remote Equipment) remote control, which was originally designed by Steve Wozniak (of Apple Computer) in 1985 through his company CL9. Celadon obtained the rights to produce the CORE Programmable Infrared Remote Control. Celadon renamed the product the PIC 100 (Programmable Infrared Controller). The CORE was the first remote control on the market with learning capabilities, as well as the ability to use complex macro functions, advanced programmable timers, a unique programming language and a serial port. The serial port was used to control the CORE from a host computer, upload/download infrared codes, upload operating system updates and for general control for automation purposes. The PIC-100 was later followed by the PIC-200, which improved the design through the use of Flash RAM on the printed circuit board.

The PIC-200 was eventually discontinued and Celadon moved to an OEM/ODM model of manufacturing custom remote control systems. Celadon has established production facilities in South Korea, China and Thailand for the mass production of custom infrared (IR), radio frequency (RF) and wired remote control and receiver products for consumer, medical, industrial and a variety of other markets.

Celadon provides free consultation services to those interested in custom remote control products and will work closely with clients to define the product requirements and specifications for each project. Celadon offers full engineering support from concept development to mass production, including industrial design, mechanical design and electronic engineering. First article samples are provided for cosmetic inspection and functionality validation, prior to mass production. Celadon provides logistics services to transport products via ocean or air freight service to any global destination.

Celadon is a California corporation located in San Rafael, California.